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Achnagoul chambered cairn


GRID REF: ND 1568 3247

Height OD:  95m

Orientation: SSE-NNW

Very little is left of this chambered cairn, except for the large upright stones of the chamber.

Described by RCAHMS Inventory (1911): "At the lower end of an enclosed park adjacent to a croft between the road and the Houstry Burn at Achnagoul, are six large upright slabs which have formed parts of the chamber of a cairn. The chamber has been entered from the S and appears to have been bipartite. Two large slabs 2' apart mark the entrance to the outer compartment, while some 5i in rear of them another pair have formed the portal stones at the entrance to the inner compartment. A single slab at the back indicates the length of the latter as some 7', and one slab on the W side signifies that the width was about 8'. The cairn, except for these slabs, has been entirely removed, and much of it lies heaped up outside the field."

Described by Henshall (1963): "An Orkney-Cromarty, Camster type, probably round chambered cairn. It has been almost entirely removed, but the edge can be traced in the SW quadrant and suggests an original diameter of 60 to 70 feet. Six large upright slabs indicate the position and plan of the chamber. The entrance has been from the SSE, the outer end probably being marked by a small slab 10ft within the apparent cairn edge. The outer chamber was 5ft long, the centre one about 9 x 7ft; nothing remains of the inner chamber."

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