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Complex of hut circles, enclosures and other structures (Bouilag II, upper complex)

SITE REF: DB22/09a-e

GRID REF:   ND 0918 3276 (centre)




Height OD: 192-195m

Upslope, south of DB22/08a-e, a group consisting of two hut circles (A and B), a boulder-bounded enclosure (C), a small ruinous rectangular (?) structure and the remains of a possibly circular structure. The hut circles and enclosure may be part of one contemporary complex.

Described by the OS (1982) as: "[Hut 'A'] measures 6.5m in diameter within a wall spread to 3.0m and 0.4m high. The entrance, of simple form, is in the E, and the inner wall-face of contiguous slabs is exposed intermittently. A possible compartment abuts the inner wall-face on the N side.


"[Hut 'B'] is 9.0m E-W by 8.0m transversely within a wall, now spread from 2.5 to 3.0m and 0.7m high, in which occasional inner facing-stones are exposed. A possible compartment abuts the hut on the outside of the NE segment.

"Immediately N of [Hut 'A'] are a number of stones outlining three sides of a small rectangular structure [D] of unknown purpose. From its vicinity, a boulder wall ['C'], deep-set in the peat, extends W then E around [Hut 'A'], before turning N and terminating at the E side of [Hut 'B']. It is probably contemporary with the hut circle. There is no other evidence of associated land use."

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