Tanja Leonhardt

July 7, 2019




Tanja Leonhardt was born in 1966. She studied Fine Arts at the Academy/University in Mayence, Germany. She specializes in Calligraphy and Handwriting and is in charge of “Atelier Leonhardt”.


Since 2010 she has been engaged in the project “Languages of silk in nature – the movement of the chain of signs”, which settles between Landart, Printart, Writing and Literature. This art project has taken her to several regions of Germany, Ireland and even Bosnia so far. But her favourite landscapes have turned out to be in the far North of Scotland and Orkney. A magical landscape to her, focusing on the basics: shapes, movements, light and time.


There, at the borders, for a short moment of time, the artist sets up her delicate flags and adds characters and language, fragmented by the environment but still in place in order to open up a new kind of dialogue, ready to sing a reconciled duet. The process brings nature and the human brain into touch; not in terms of authority and arrogation, but in a regardful and humble way.

The flags are made of transparent silk, which can carry the oil prints and, at the same time, shimmer and reflect the light and even the colours of the setting. Exquisite, elusive moments of numinous interaction are captured by photo and video.

To the motive of every year there are also artistbooks, as a totally different kind of appearance on a quiet and almost hidden stage. They are made of thick, handmade paper, dewed and printed by the artist herself. They provide space for slightly longer poems, as the silk flags can carry but a few words. All these artistbooks are unique.


Another expression of Tanja Leonhardt´s love of the far North is her photographical work: “Along the tides”. It exposed Frozen Charlottes to unusual surroundings such as tidal ponds or stalactites of hidden sea caves. This surreal and dreamlike world of in between features the connectedness of stalactite-grown rock and ancient porcelain dolls. The grots and tidal pools seem to have granted those dolls an asylum in space and time in view of the smiling dolls‘ faces in their ocean home, untold fairy-tales silently assume shape.

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