By Bunty Gunn


What's going on in Crittlesham? Who is leaving gruesome objects around the town - and why?
These questions need to be answered quickly by Detective Inspector Bob Mould and his team which, to his alarm and some amusement, is re-inforced by his mother, Dolly, and the other ladies who live at the Minnie Follett Home for the Elderly. The case is not helped by an elderly tramp, a semi feral youth with amazing powers over animals and a particularly unpleasant Chief Inspector.
Light and fun are provided by the beautiful Sharleena Dews, a care assistant at the Home. She and Bob are mutually attracted but their courtship is far from trouble-free. Does he find the culprit and get the girl?  Read all about it.

See You Around

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  • Publisher: Fireflash Publishing 

    Version: Paperback 2017

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