Ralph's Far North

By Ralph MacGregor


Ralph's Far North is a collection of evocative accounts of journeys
through the landscape and seasons of the remote and beautiful Far
North of Scotland. The book is based on material from the column 'Out
and About with Ralph' which has appeared in the Caithness Courier
over many years, and is illustrated with delightful drawings by Moira
Ralph's exploits, on foot and by bike, take you through the least-known
parts of the Scottish Highlands in sunshine and in storm, as well as
occasionally venturing further afield to the Northern Isles and the North
of England. From nights spent on mountain-tops to long treks across
the Caithness flow-country to daily cycling through the worst of the
north coast January weather, the book is well summarised in Ralph's
motto — Live adventurously!
Whether you read from beginning to end or dip in at random, this book,
including Moira Webster's inspired illustrations, is a must for anyone
who loves the outdoors and especially the Highlands of Scotland.

Ralph's Far North

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