Highland Pack


The setting for highland pack is the small, idyllic country town of Dingwal, in Ross and Cromarty. The essays produced over a period of time, and not conciously written with a collection in mind, can be read with pleasure simply as a countryman's notes, following the pattern imposed on the land by the changing seasons. Each essay has its own interest and can stand proudly alone as one piece in a mosaic of the highlands. Nothing has been omitted from nature's endless pageant - the sad lingering beauty of December flowers, the breathless speed of a mountain hare, the mystery of a fligh of wild geese or duck overhead, the roar of a tractor in a field or a curling stone on a frozen loch, the wonder invoked by a robin on an apple bough against the new moon or a hoodie crow on a tree over a dying lamb.


It's all there and the author can rightly claim to be a packman or pedlar of fascinating and inviting wares for the reader from this Highland pack.  

Highland Pack

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    Publisher: Richard Drew Publishing

    Version: Hardback 1989

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