Caithness to Patagonia: Distant lands and Close Relatives

By Ian Leith


This is an extraordinary and little-known story of emigration fromScotland. Caithness and Patagonia are literally a world apart, yet in the late19th and early 20th centuries a number of Caithness men and women took on thechallenge of this wild, open and windswept land. The book provides the origins and backgrounds of these CaithnessPatagonian pioneers and sets their experiences alongside the growth anddevelopment of Patagonia as one of the world's great sheep farming areas. There are stories of endurance and determination against the odds;accounts of death and disaster, but most of all there are tales of how theseCaithnessians conquered Patagonia and built successful businesses to the extentthat today their descendants are integral to many aspects of Patagonian and Argentinesociety. Caithness to Patagonia charts the backgrounds, the successes and failures of these intrepidpioneers who created a new life, far away from their homes and families. 

Caithness to Patagonia: Distant lands and Close Relatives

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