Caithness 1770 to 1832

By Iain sutherland


Calder who cut a path for the rest of us to follow, and the writings of Sir John Sinclair.
It is respectfully offered to their memory in acknowledgement of their pioneering
achievements and this tribute is extended to Mr.John Horne, who knew how to compile an
anthology and how to get the best brains available to help him. And to five great scholars,
each one of awesome erudition; Dr.Joseph Anderson, whose translation of the Orkneyenga
Saga is considered to be the definitive one; the Reverend Alexander Pope who translated
Torfaeus, the earliest history of Caithness and the North; the Reverend Angus Mackay, that
peerless Gaelic linguist and author of ' 'The Province of Cat" ; the Reverend Donald Beaton,
a classical scholar who could read the earliest ecclesiastical records with such ease; and
Mr.John Mowat, an outstanding Old Norse scholar and researcher. They were the great
pioneers on whose work the rest of us must rely so heavily.
There were two other observers for whom I have boundless admiration. One was
Mr.John Mackie, editor of the Northern Ensign during the most turbulent period in our
recent history, who set the standard for Scottish local newspapers to follow.
The other was Josiah Rhind, who pioneered research into our antiquities.

Caithness 1770 to 1832

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