Welcome to Dunbeath Heritage Centre! The Centre provides a focus for the work of Dunbeath Preservation Trust: a research base; a repository for research data, manuscripts, photographs and items of local material culture; an exhibition and interpretation space; a venue for lectures, storytelling and workshops; a gathering place for local people and visitors - young and old - alike. The Centre has recently been awarded full museum status by the Museums and Galleries Commission in recognition of its professional standards of curatorship, conservation and display along with the significance of its collections.

In 2001 and 2008 the Trust undertook major refurbishment projects at the Heritage Centre, including the renewal of its displays and research facilities. We are certain you will find a visit thought-provoking and informative, an ideal place to begin your exploration of Caithness, and we look forward to welcoming you in person!

Click on the above film strip and join us on a 'virtual tour' of the Heritage Centre!

Dunbeath is to be found on the south-east coast of Caithness, Scotland's most northerly county. It is situated on the main A9 route between Helmsdale and Wick. The Heritage Centre is signposted off the main road. If approaching from the south, turn right off the A9 before crossing the fly-over over the strath. There is plenty of car parking space. Disabled access throughout.

Opening times
Opening times currently subject to change, please call 01593 731 233 for further information or email info@dunbeath-heritage.org.uk

Entrance charges
A modest entrance fee is payable; Children free

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01593 731233 with any enquiries.


Registered Museum
WagsCairnStone setting, possible 'Four-poster'Complex of rectangular buildings, hut circles and other structuresHut circles and other structuresDeserted settlement cluster, Dail-a-bhoichKiln houseCircular structure with internal cellDeserted settlementWagsDeserted settlement, Dail MhorStanding stone, Cnoc na MaranaichChambered cairn, Cnoc na MaranaichCairn, HalmieDeserted settlement cluster, Leathad BreacWag Mor, Raffin BurnChambered cairn, Carn Liathlong house, LoedebestChambered cairn, AchnagoulStanding stone, HoustryBroch and long house, TiantullochChapel Hill, BallachlyDun Beath BrochDeserted settlementCairns, some possibly burialShieling bothySettlement remains